HARE KRISHNA DIGITALS is an Organisation based in HYDERABAD, the Capital City of the Youngest State of India, Telangana. Started as An Artist's Painting Unit in 1999, has today evolved and matured, with each assignment undertaken, in to a well-established enterprise; providing Satisfaction to Customers and employment to many people.

Every new Project has provided HARE KRISHNA DIGITALS a fresh impetus for growth. Our Commitment to meet the deadlines and Uncompromising Quality in Products, coupled with Integrity in service has earned HARE KRISHNA DIGITALS a Loyal & Committed Customer Base in the Competitive Market.

We are a full-fledged Design, Digital Printing, Signage, Service Organisation, equipped to handle any Digital Printing and Outdoor Display assignment with Ease & Professionalism; bringing expected results to customers.

HARE KRISHNA DIGITALS is well poised to expand its ambit of activities to new markets in the years ahead with State-of-The-Art technology.


Harekrishna Digitals strives constantly to improve and excel in the quality of printing assignments and projects it undertakes. Over a period of time we have developed a reputation for providing excellent quality print with the highest standards of service to a wide range of clients. Our dedicated and experienced team has an extensive knowledge of the printing industry.

  • We arePassionate to CreatePrintingDesigns asper the requirementofour clients.
  • We are Dedicated to Serve our clients with Quality & Humility.

Our Rich Experience of 18 years in Printing field certainly enables us to understand varied needs of clients across the domains, and serve them with innovative products & Services.